When a homeless Man randomly makes a drunken wish upon a star, he will discover a treasure that will take him on an unexpected journey.

Our Film's Purpose

California has the sixth largest economy in the world. Yet more than 50 000 homeless people live in Downtown Los Angeles. And the numbers keep rising every year. What’s more, 47% of them are African-American. The numbers speak for themselves: inequality in America is the greatest social disease of our time. Nowhere is this more evident than on the streets of Los Angeles.

Those poor souls living on the street year-round through hot and cold weather have to face so many problems on a daily basis:
* Lack of basic necessities
* Odd social situations
* Mental illness
* Addiction, etc.

What’s worse, hardly anyone takes interest in these persons. There is a distinct lack of compassion for the common man. Although they may not look attractive, these human beings are just like you and I. They need food, love, a home, money, and like everybody, they have hopes and dreams which deserve fulfilment.

We want our film to humanize the lead character Mike's story - thereby changing people’s preconceived notions about homelessness. We strive to touch the audience’s hearts with compassion that replaces their hate or ignorance. Our story shows that even with money, a homeless person’s fate could still turn out to be a tragedy.

We believe that in California there is a higher interest for Social issues. That there’s a better understanding of immigration and diversity than anywhere else in the US. We live in a society where you can end up on the street without a penny overnight.

At some point in their lives, certain individuals are not able to support their family. They lose control of their lives and develop addictions, etc. After that, everything can fall apart. Many artists and other risk takers have gone through these painful episodes. It can happen to anybody!

MR.WISH will portray a character who is barely surviving. Who one day gets a magical opportunity to make his way back into society. Aside from material problems, our film approaches poverty through a series of obstacles and temptationsthat keep our character in his misery. MR. WISH reveals the dark side of Los Angeles - among its world famous landmarks and powerful institutions. Herein, social inequalities are unveiled to reveal dark and unacceptable realities.

We aim to raise awareness of these issues. Because at the dawn of 2020, while we try to send humankind to Mars and have driverless cars, it is not acceptable to see people living in the street in such terrible conditions.

« In the city of light » settled in a tent around Venice Beach California, with constellations and galaxies as his roof, Mike encounters a fantasy similar to Pinocchio. He makes a wish upon a star that takes him on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams. Currently, this is all we can wish for those homeless drowning in their misery. On his journey, Mike will find rich life experiences beyond fear, pain, and sorrow.

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